Are You Ready?

Show of hands… Who out there:

  • Close_Box_Red  Hates Dieting, but…
    • Close_Box_Red  Wants to Eat Healthier?
    • Close_Box_Red  Wants More Energy?
    • Close_Box_Red  Is Short on Time and Long on To-Dos?
    • Close_Box_Red  Reaches For Takeout and Fast Food Options All Too Often?
    • Close_Box_Red  Believes Eating Healthy Costs More Than Fast Food?
    • Close_Box_Red  Is Certain That There is No Possible Way to Balance Life With Budget, and Eat Healthy Too!

If you raised your hand, or even if you thought about raising your hand, you are in the right place.

And… Would you rather eat…



The goal of Faster Than Takeout is to teach you how to craft and execute a personalized meal plan that will shrink your food cost while exponentially increasing the health benefit of what you eat, all while keeping up with a busy schedule.

Sounds too good to be true?

I would have agreed with you before starting on my journey.

Not too long ago, our weekly meals consisted of one — maybe two — decent meals per week, surrounded by whatever-we-could-make in 30 minutes or less (Macaroni and Cheese? AGAIN?!) or whatever-we-could-grab in the same amount of time.

We tried to stick with “healthier” options when we ate out. But still… we watched our waistlines grow, our energy decline and our bank account shrink. All because: food choices.

Then I started implementing a few new habits. Little changes, truly. I promise, it’s not hard.

Now we are eating healthy, portion-controlled meals that take as much time to prepare as a box of mac & cheese. We have options for when we are on-the-go that don’t require a drive-thru window. Our energy is up, we are feeling great, and we’re shedding those few extra pounds!

If this sounds good to you, sign up and follow along! My Faster Than Takeout method is free, it’s fabulous, it WORKS, and it can be adapted to any dietary needs.

When you sign up, you will receive:

  • Close_Box_Red  My 30 Minutes, Max! recipe starter.
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Let’s get healthy in no time flat!

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